Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reflection from Paige Richards (High School Senior)

The children of Achungo thirst for the love and care of a parent as well as an education.  Achungo gives these children both of these things and it is thainks to Michael and the amazing teachers at this school.  One student stuck out to me the most and her name is Yvone.

Yvone lives with one of the Achungo teachers away from her mother and sister.  She has connected to other students at the school and built relationships to help her deal with her struggles.  Yvone has taught me how to connect with God.  Strengthening my relationship with God was a crucial part of this trip because there were many times when I felt scared, overwhelmed, and sick. 

When I get back to the United States I can't wait to tell family and friends not only about the amazing stories of all the children here, but about the amazing grace of God.  This mission trip gave me a new heart, a new perspective and a new direction.  This trip has made me so grateful of my family, my education and my teachers.  Teachers are amazing people who have devoted their lives to helping others and maybe in the future God will have me be a teacher.  I know God has a plan for my life and I am so excited to see where He takes me.